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My Story

My Story

My career in education was an emotional roller coaster around the globe. Plenty of ups and downs with no shortage in opportunities to learn and grow.


That experience taught me that opportunities never knock twice and that by embracing them, more follow. Taking advantage of all of them inspired much thought and opened up many new avenues for discovery.


Having been part of formal education, I worry a great deal about it: what we do, how we do it, and why. Formal education has become a machine that tolerates changes only at the margins. In the age when all systems and processes are becoming intelligent, education is anything but. How can it preserve its credibility if it is unwilling and/or unable to learn?


Where we are in education, how we got there, and where are we headed. I want to share my thoughts and inspire people to think about much-needed changes in education.


I believe that to enable and support lifelong learning for all, education needs a bold new paradigm. We owe that to the future generations. Not our past but their future should guide us.

To me, education should be a dynamic process and not the rigid and highly-structured mold it has become. It has to become much more entrepreneurial and more daring to challenge the status quo. Unless we are willing to challenge ourselves and move out of our comfort zones, we have no right being in education.

My Books

My Books

What is “Rough Diamonds”? This book is a wake-up call.


Based on 40+ years in education around the world, I share in the Rough Diamonds book some of my observations, questions, and reflections on formal education as we know it and have come to accept it. In doing so, Rough Diamonds provides a critical look at what formal education has morphed into. It paints a worrisome picture.


As parents, students, educators, and policy makes, we have some serious thinking to do. Rough Diamonds sketches the landscape that requires serious thought and reflection.


In the book, I show how we have become wedded to a rigid and highly structured system that runs to its own beat, that is anchored in the past, that does not deliver on its core responsibilities, and that is ill-equipped to prepare future generations for the reality that they will encounter and have to be operational in. Fundamental changes are in order in mindset, paradigm, and business model. We need to rethink education recognizing what nature has uniquely endowed all of us with and what the emerging reality will require from the future generations sitting in our classrooms today.


Rough Diamonds is meant to be a catalyst for further thought and an inspiration for change.

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Tinker Toying

Tinker Toying

I never understood the idea of having a bucket list. If I want to do something, I just go and do it. Why put anything off? We are not cats with nine lives! My motto has always been: live your life, go for everything it offers (and more), learn and grow, and enjoy the ride.


My pirate genes keep me restless, and I am constantly tinkering with novel ideas and approaches. I just live in a sandbox! One project I have been working on is an intelligent decision-support platform. It is called “lIQuid”; i.e., the word liquid written with the ‘i’ and the ‘q’ in uppercase since the platform essentially liquefies IQ and makes it available where it is needed. The idea for lIQuid grew out of my interest in finding new business models for business education. Any company or organization with a decision challenge can log in and the platform will interactively gamefy the challenge. Certified experts can then play the game against one another and solve the challenge in the process. It’s a bit more complicated but you get the gist (I hope). As with any platform, it is time consuming to build but it opens up many new avenues for value creation. So, I keep at it.


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